Web Wednesday #56 – Digital Detox

Web Wednesday #56 – Digital Detox

Hard to do in my line of work. My business and my clients require me to be online and on social media.

It was good to detach for a week or so. It was a good mental purge from technology and some of the frustration that can come with it.

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Web Wednesday #55 – Only Fans Reverses Their Decision

Web Wednesday #55

BREAKING NEWS – Only Fans has reversed it’s decision to stop “Adult” Content on their platform.

This comes after announcing a date to terminate that part of their business.

This is a Big Win for Anti- Censorship online in my opinion.

Hear more in this Video.

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August 13, 2021

Fast Friday – Why Do You Care About Things That Do Not Matter?

I’m gonna keep this simple. The level and commitment, emotion, and time that you waste on things that do not matter in your life can be used on things that do!

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Web Wednesday 54 – Why You Should Be Leary Of Niche-Marketing | Maximus Internet Marketing

Wednesday #54 – Why You Should Be Leary Of Niche-Based Marketing

In this Video Dave Di Paolo talks about some issues and what to expect from Niche-Based Marketing Companies that claim to specialize or be experts in your field of business.

We see this a lot with Lawyers, Insurance Companies, Real Estate, Gyms, Automobiles, Contractors, and more. … Continue reading

August 6, 2021

Friday – Are you winning at life or is it beating you down? source

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