Why You Need the Services of a Digital Marketing Agency in Philadelphia

Learn Why You Need a Great Digital Marketing Agency in Philadelphia

Marketing is a diverse concept but at the end of the day it all boils down to one thing – finding out where your target market hangs out and creating high-quality content at that place. In the pre-digital years, marketing was quite simple. Everyone listened to … Continue reading

Web Design Philadelphia, Website Design Philadelphia, Website Company Philadelphia

Technology is changing constantly when it comes to websites, internet marketing, and how much smart phones and tablets have effected these two things.  Having the right web designer in the Philadelphia area can save you a lot of fixes and headaches later on.

It is a must that your website is mobile responsive.  Google has deemed this to be … Continue reading

Digital Marketing Agency in Delaware County, PA

Maximus Internet Marketing Consultants is a full service Digital Marketing Agency located near the Philadelphia International Airport close by, and servicing Delaware County Pennsylvania for all of their Internet Marketing Needs.

Our Main Services include: SEO – Search Engine OptimizationPPC – Pay Per Click ManagementSocial Media MarketingSocial Media ManagementEmail CampaignsReputation Managementand more…

We service any … Continue reading

Happy Halloween – Are Your SEO Rankings Scary?

Happy Halloween 2017. What can be more scary than your business website being so lonely in a dark and scary place beyond page one of the search results on google and the other search engines?

Well for a business that is very scary! Potential users searching online for your products or services is very important to your business. It is … Continue reading

It is heating up out there – For business that is…

Summer is officially upon us, and that can mean a lot of things for some people: Kids are out of school and finding things to do (Good & Bad ๐Ÿ˜‰ )You are heading to the shore to visit or your shore house that your ownYou are heading on vacation somewhereYou are heading to the local pool, or you ownYou are … Continue reading

Some Pointers For When You Build A New Website

So you might read the title of this blog and think that I’m going to discuss a bunch of things that a website should have in this day and age to make it effective.

You would be wrong in thinking that!

Instead I’m going to tell you some things to protect yourself, your company, and your brand.

I’ve been … Continue reading

Core SEO Concepts That Have Stayed Relevant

Hello all, thank you for stopping by. Let’s face it the world of SEO is ever changing, but there are some core factors that have been a relevant part of SEO for a long time. I use the world “RELEVANT” almost as a pun in this situation because really SEO is the art of making a website “RELEVANT” to … Continue reading

New Year’s Resolutions for Business Owners

Well, we are finishing up 2016 and it is time for everyone to start rolling out their New Year’s resolutions to make themselves better. It is a good time to set in stone something that you want to focus on in 2017, but why not do that for your business also?

Aside for normal business goals:

Increase profitExpand to new … Continue reading

Be Online or Be On Your Way!

So there is this little thing called the internet. Dubbed the “Information Superhighway” in the 90’s, but it has become much more than that.

Let’s look at some of the major things that internet is used for every single day by most people in this world:

EmailWorkSchoolBankingSocial MediaNewsOwe, and one more thing BUSINESS!

With that being said, is it any … Continue reading

Why Pay-Per-Click Is Great For Seasonal Businesses – Maximus Internet Marketing Consultants

If you are reading this blog you either already know about the different types of internet marketing on Google and the other search engines and you are looking to learn more about it (if so, I hope you enjoy!) or possibly you just troll and argue blogs all day (yes those people exist too), or…..  you are a business … Continue reading

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