Common Mistakes In Online Marketing

  1. Locking yourself into long contracts.

You have to give any program time, but you should not lock yourself into a long contract.  The company you hire should prove their value and earn your monthly business by results, not by locking you in a long contract.

  1. Giving up on marketing online because it did not work in the past.

You can not judge your online marketing success just off of one or two failed attempts.  You or the company that you hired may not have been doing what is best for you.

You may have had unrealistic expectations.

The company may have promised unrealistic results.

There are many forms of online marketing and they are not all the same.

  1. Building a website and not doing SEO, PPC, or other online marketing.

If you build it, they will not come!  Just having a website is not enough; you have to do a monthly program in order to bring people to the site to get business.

The competition online is increasing more and more each day.  You must get your website in a position for success through an effective online marketing program.

  1. Cheaper is not better

Just because someone charges you only a few hundred bucks for a website, does not mean you are getting a quality product.

These cheap template sites that companies offer for small one time fees, or small monthly management fees are garbage!  They are not built well and very difficult to get ranked online for keywords.

Just because someone charges you less for an SEO, PPC, Social Media or any other online marketing program does not make it a better program.  A lot of times you get what you pay for.

  1. Don’t always listen to family, friends, and employees.

Everyone is not a specialist and in most cases it is better to higher a professional

Many time people tell you what you want to hear, not what you need to know.

  1. Track your success, it is a must!

Track your website statistics through analytics.  Numbers do not lie.

Figure out what a conversion is to you, and track them.

Track your phones calls, emails, and contacts that come from your website