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Lets face it, business owners are faced with many business decisions daily and must make the right movies to be successful.  Most business owners are experts of their craft but know very little about websites and internet marketing.  

The problem in this case, is what you do not know can in fact hurt you and your business online. 

We all see the commercials, ads, and spam emails:

“Free Website with your domain”

“Websites starting at One Dollar”

“Create your own website for $100”

and so on, and son on…

Problem is that all though these template sites and shared themes sound appealing because of the price they are very harmful if you are trying to create an effective online presence for your business.  


  • -Any business and even a direct competitor can use the same exact template that you do meaning your website will look exactly like someone else.  Aside from your website not being original this poses another problem in that your site if too similar to another site and possibly have the same pictures or working, etc. could actually be considered as duplicate content.  This is a big No No with Google and getting ranked for keywords.  
  • -The Majority of templates and shared themes are not coded properly for the search engines.  This makes it almost impossible to rank for important keywords and key phrases that are important to your business even if you are doing an aggressive SEO program.  In my experience we have had to either build a new website or even turn SEO clients away because their website just was not built properly to handle SEO.  The coding of your website is as important as the design and content on it. 
  • -You are extremely limited to what you can have on your website.  There are many functions and features that you will not be able to have on your website unless it is already built in to that template.  
  • -More coding issues: Some templates and shared themes to not show up properly on all browsers and on mobile devices.  
  • -Vanity: If you do take on the task of designing your own site using a template or theme builder the fact of the matter is that you probably do not know what you are doing, you do not understand what a website should look like and do, and you do not understand website and search engine best practices. With that all being said you might be extremely proud of what you have did, but when a potential client or customer comes to your website they may have a very very different idea of your website and if they do not see what they want can leave your site and go on to the next one very quickly.  
  • -and more… 


  • -On the contrary a custom website offers all of the opposite benefits to what I wrote above, but here is a quick break down:
  • -Custom and Unique design unlike any other business on the web.
  • -Coded properly to all of the search engine and browser standards. 
  • -If you hire the right web designer that understand SEO and understands all of the updates that Google has made they will build your website making sure that you can not get penalized for any “Black Hat” tactics. 
  • -You will not be limited to any functionality restrictions.  As long as you know the specs of what you need in you websites it can be built and coded for your specific needs.  
  • -You can build your website as a Content Management Systems and be able to add, remove, edit any information on your website yourself
  • -You can properly fit your logo, phone number, contact boxes, content, all pages, all pictures, and anything else that you want or need on your website without any restrictions. 
  • -You can build it to be mobile responsive the way that you want it to be. 
  • -and more…

These are just some of the glaring issues between a Template Website Vs. Custom Website.  If you want to learn more check out our website: www.maximusinternetmarketing.com or call us at 610-333-3163 to discuss your concerns or needs.  


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